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Factory 6disc changer but no MP3 ?

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I picked up a 2004 LE yesterday and it has the in-dash 6disc changer, but it does not play MP3s. Was this common? I figured that if it had in dash changer it would play MP3.

How hard / possible is it to swap out that in dash 6disc for another 6disc + mp3?

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The 2004 6 CD radio did not play MP3. I believe that feature was added in 2006. You would need the Rockford radio from a 2006 or 2007 to replace your present radio. Possibly you could find someone who has replaced their factory radio with an aftermarket unit and would be willing to sell the original.

Since you have an LE it is equipped with the Rockford system which uses an external amplifier. Your replacement also must be a Rockford unit. There is a midline radio that also has a 6CD changer but it has the amplifier stages in the HU, this unit will not work in an LE because it would overload the external amp and it does not have the turn-on line necessary to activate the external amp.
Thank you for such a detailed reply. I will begin my hunt then.
When looking for the replacement, does it matter if the donor vehicle had LCD climate controls or not?
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