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Factory backup camera

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I have an 2013 Titan SV and it has a factory backup camera on tailgate. I'm looking to put an aftermarket Pioneer stereo in it. I don't want to lose backup camera or put in a new one. Is there a way to keep existing camera and just use its wiring? I have seen nothing about factory backup cameras anywhere so anything helps. Thanks!
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What you need is a wiring harness: AX-NIS32SWC. You can also use this harness with the AXXESS steering wheel control module.
Thanks for response. So I purchased both items for vehicle even though the AX-NIS32SWC says on many sites it won't work for my vehicle, the harnesses fight perfect but I am not getting any response in reverse or changing to video. Have you used this item eakes?
Thanks for the assurance. I read your post and went back at it, come to find out I had it wired right but I had the video connector into the video out instead of video in and had to turn on the camera on Pioneer head unit (it was a long day of wiring and running amp cable). Works perfect now! Great harness. I am having issues with the SWC adapter as you are...It's flashing the way it is supposed to when programmed correctly but no buttons are working. I tried 5 or so times and nothing. I'll have to look more into that now. I'd hate to lose those their a nice function.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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