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Factory CD player, can I hook an amp and sub to it?

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I have the stock 04 style CD player that is not Fosgate and does not have the mp3 input. Its black, not part of the dash like some. Can I get an amp and sub and hook into the stock radio or do I need an aftermarket CD player?
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A lot of people have done it... its pretty easy! Like 'dizzle said, look for posts containing "LOC"
I just searched LOC and it came back with nothing. Search may not be working.

Thanks guys
idk if i would do that though.. u think it has enough power to pump a sub and amp?
Judging by what you describe, I think you have the XE radio. ull it out, toss on ebay, and get an aftermarket with pre-amp outputs.

Should you decide to keep it, yes you can get a LOC. Search "tech12volt" and he will set you on the path to audio enlightenment.
LOC = Line Out Converter... The Search feature will not allow 3-word searches.

Try "LOC Installed" or some other variation.....
Yea but will the LOC work even with the factory built in 6 cd changer???
BikerD said:
Yea but will the LOC work even with the factory built in 6 cd changer???

If you are asking in regards to the OP, yes a LOC will work. He shoudl buy it from tech12. Comes with instructions and phone support. Mitek reQ or reQ-5. Depending on desired audio pleasure.

If you are asking about something else altogether, quit hijacking and start your own thread.
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