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Factory Chrome Grill '05 CC LE

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I just changed this out for a painted version. It's in great shape. Clips are not broken and in great shape. Chrome isn't chipped and in great shape also. I do have the complete assembly if you need it. This is for just the chrome grill. Asking $80 plus shipping for it.


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Nice grill shell here. Need to turn it.
To the top again.
ScoobyDooTitan said:
To the top again.

acflye said:

Plus shipping would equal $80. Sorry I think it's worth that much. Shipping is high because of size.
$75 shipped to the lower 48.
how much for the complete assebly? ship to Canada?
how much for the complete assebly? ship to Canada?
I won't ship to Canada, sorry. It's just to expensive for you and a pain for me.

This is still up for sale. It needs a new home.
to the top again.
Someone needs this I'm sure. $75 shipped
I do, I do .....It's mine, all Mine....Just all you rich vultures stay away!LOl
Man I have been on CT for over a year trying to get a grille and always 15th or higher to post. I guess I have to have to reply emailed to my phone! I Pm'd ya on CT
Still for sale. Need it to go.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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