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Factory E-Locker Mod comparable to TruTrac or other LSD's?

2011 Pro-4X

I've always wanted to get LSD or an air locker. Tru Trac is around $500, but an ARB Air Locker, which is what I really want, is a full grand. I just started reading about the Austin E-locker Mod.

How does this compare to the aftermarket setups? Any of these better? Also, what axle do i have? This was a question asked when I started selecting an LSD.

I would love to find a used one. I'm actually after alot of aftermarket parts like Uprev, performance camshaft with intake springs, Cajun exhaust (full or piece it together piece by piece, etc...) and other items.

I have a set of silver rims from my 2004 and I also have a set of matte plasti-dip wheels from my 2011 Pro-4X, which I'm thinking of just getting powdercoated. I also have a set of OEM step rails with brackets from my Armada, but I believe they are the same for Crew Cab Titans.

Anyway, thanks in advance for your help

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TruTrac is the bullet proof rear end we have found with the Titan. I paid $704 shipped with new races and bearings and that was the cheapest I could find several years ago. The e-locker is ok but once headers and Uprev are added the elocker can fail with the extra power. The TT is very easy to install as well so I highly suggest you go that route. My TT has 40k miles on it and is very quiet.
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