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Factory Fosgate speakers

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Anybody interested in these? Give me $20 plus shipping and I will ship them out to you. Factory Rockford Fosgate speakers. Have them all. 2 dash, 2 front door, 2 rear door, and the under seat sub. Definitely sound better than the regular speakers but these are not high performing speakers. If you don't have the Fosgate system, I don't know that the sub would do you any good unless you're just wanting to replace yours. I got my equipment in finally and I'm just going to throw these away. Figured I would see if anyone wants them before I toss them. $20 to make it worth my while to box it all up and pay shipping. If no one wants them, they will go in the trash Sunday.

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****. I didn't get a pic of the tweets and the sub, but my truck doesn't even have 6000 miles on it yet. They look and work just fine also.
Says about $18. Just call it $15 and we should be good. Not all that worried about it to be honest.
That's with FedEx by the way. I'm guessing about 8 pounds. Maybe a little less. Area code here is 64116 if you want to check UPS or USPS.
I'll take them. 77015. Give me your email

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Got a PM 2 hours before you posted. You're next if it falls through.
Sold. Got the PayPal this morning.
1 - 6 of 9 Posts
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