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Seems I read some time back about a TSB about the factory bedliner turning white. Well - I hadn't had any issues with mine... but strangely after our week of rain and storms around here - with over 10 inches of rain - I go out this morning to find the majority of my bed liner is turning white... what the heck???? Did the rain carry some Japanese radioactive junk and dump it in my truck bed???:ftard:

Seriously - I really have had no discoloration of the bedliner until now. I just washed and detailed the truck a couple of weeks back - didn't notice anything odd about the bedliner then. It almost has the appearance of hard water that has dried in-place. If I wet my finger and scrub - nothing happens, but if I scrub with a fingernail - the dark underneath begins to show.

2009 Titan Crew (2wheel drive) 21K miles
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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