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Factory Suspension

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If any one needs any parts for the factory suspension i have the entire thing. Just thorwin this out there. Will part it all out.
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i have the off road package, and you name it, i got it for the entire suspension system
spoonman said:
you may want to add what you have for sale,shocks/stuts (off road, non off road package) Upper arms, lower arms, spindles??.... etc so people know what is available.
hey man one persons junk is another mans treasure, i have all ready sold some of it ;) so ill keep it :cheers:
ryands650x said:
throw it all away, JUNK!
i have everything still.....i was looking to get something outta it so you let me know what ya want and ill see what we can work out.
tre5 said:
Selling it or giving it? I will pay shipping. What do you have left?
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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