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Factory wheel flares

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Anyone with a "S" or "SV" think about putting on the factory flares from the Pro4 or Platinum? I Googled up some Nissan parts sites and from the PNs it looks like they come pre-painted. I like the look of them....unobtrusive. Any thoughts? I might look at doing it this winter.

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I hope so too. I wonder wow different the XD flares are? Can't be too different.
I got an alert on the textured eBay flares I had on my watch list last night. They dropped from $140 to $105 so I bit the bullet and ordered them. Should be in next week. I'll get some pictures posted so people can see how the work. I hope they are decent.
Here you go


The flares were damaged as you can see below. But the broken english seller kept insisting that I cancel the return and to trust him to "take care of me" outside of the return process. It should be obvious, but never do that. You can only initiate one return, so if you cancel it or close it, you are SOL.

He also just wanted to give me $20 to take the damaged flare to a body shop to get it repaired. :ftard:

After getting short with him, he finally gave me a full refund.
Well I got these in. They are a little flimsy but would probably work. The texture is really shiny though and would need to be painted or a matte black to match the truck plastics. They add about 2" of coverage. I don't think I'm going to install them. I only opened the top one and it had some big gouges in it. Didn't even bother to inspect the others. It looks like someone scraped it with the blade on a tape gun because it was right under where they had them taped. Either that or the pressure from the tape deformed it somehow.

The eBay seller offered to give me $20 to take it to a body shop to fix the scratches. :ftard:

Here are some pictures so you guys can see the texture. It's different than most textures I've seen, just a bunch of raised circles.


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