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Factory wheel flares

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Anyone with a "S" or "SV" think about putting on the factory flares from the Pro4 or Platinum? I Googled up some Nissan parts sites and from the PNs it looks like they come pre-painted. I like the look of them....unobtrusive. Any thoughts? I might look at doing it this winter.

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If you read my above post, the s and SV do not have the predrilled provisions to do install. My shop ordered them in as I was going to bite the $1000 bullet in lieu of the after market pocket flares. They did not want to drill the fenders and as also the rear gas side did not match up. Allegedly the king cab gas door is not in the same place as the crew and standard cab. Still hoping someone comes out with a subtle flare for the truck, not a chunky pocket flare.
The xd and non xd front flare part numbers are different. I'm not an expert but I would guess since the front end of the two trucks are different the front flares are too. Rear part numbers seem to match up. However you'd still need to drill holes to get them to fit. Still searching for aftermarket "oem look" flares and no luck.
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