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Farewell Guys! No More Titan

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WELL Ill still be around but Im prolly gonna be hangin around the armada places a lil more :)

Ima go ahead and get an LE Armada... Since the dealer wrecked my truck a while back I have been having to deal with BS and BS and BS... I love my truck and I was just gonna pay it off this month BUT they gave me a great deal on the armada and well... LETS DO IT... Ima see tomorrow for sure but its lookin like the Titan is going bye bye... I will prolly have a lot of parts for sale that I had put into her... I took the majority off already and tomorrow morning if its for sure Ill finish up ther rest...

MAAN the armada is sweet though... front and rear sensors... sunroof, nav, THE WORKS...

Just a few things Ill be selling...

05 Active headrests in Graphite Leather... Good as new
Chrome halo projector headlights
Volant Vulite LED Tails (Do u know if they make some for the armada?)
LED Third Brake light
Mini-lift (2.5 in front and 1.5 in rear)
Galaxy Black Bushwacker Fender Flares
Silver Gauge Overlay Replacement (speedometer)

Anyone know if the Volant intake will fit an 08 armada? If not then the Volant intake AND also the Volant ram air tubes for both an XE and an SE/LE (2 seperate tubes)

Also does the powerade TBS fit the mada? If not thats for sale too...
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WOW! Gonna hate to see ya go but the Armada is a sweet SUV. No more rear end worries too. Come back and visit once in a while. Most of what you're gettin' is shared with the Titan anyhow! We want pics of the new toy too! Good luck.
well at least those new armadas are sweet. I like the interior and if your getting a killer deal, the better.

dibs on getting prices for the mini lift, led third brake light,powerade and maybe the volant intake, lol...
Yeah, still around, you're not leaving the NISSAN family.

btw What do u want for those bush wackers?
Are those flares for trucks with or without the utility box?
So you almost had the Titan paid off and now you've gotta jump back into a payment every month?
I'm intereseted in the LED tail lights. PM sent.

Edit: Your PM box is full. But I'm still interested.
Hey Pi! Sad to see your truck go, but the Armada is a good choice! Interested in the headlights. What about the bullbar & lights?
Hey Pi3, you need to clear out your pm box... It's full.... :crying:
Its cleared guys...

Im taking all the mods off the truck right now... Im thinkin twice about taking off the minilift... how much will u give me for it... its used of course... If u give me enough Ill take it thats bout the last thing I need to take off then its off to the dealer... SO if I dont respond soon by tonight for sure... Ill be thinkin of prices as well... cuz right now Im going crazy...

and ye I know I could finish paying it this month but eh oh well... out of 5 years I paid the truck in 3 and so Ill prolly get this sucker kicked out in 2 which is like if I had bought the armada to begin with :) WITH GODS HELP that is and everything goes well...wish me luck!!
pi3yeargrad said:
out of 5 years I paid the truck in 3 and so Ill prolly get this sucker kicked out in 2 ...
You've been whoring yourself out on the streetcorner, haven't you?
PM sent on the mini lift
I got lazy and anxious so I didnt take off the minilift....

BUT the deal has been done! I am now an owner of an 08 LE Armada... IT'S PLAYER GUYS!! Its sweet... I got it with 15 miles on it... They tried to get me an SE with leather and I was like NOPE NOT DOING IT... If Ima do it Ima do it all the so got the LE... Ill try to post some pics up of the new baby along with prices and pics of the stuff I got... :cheers:
I have responded...

To let others know... the flares are for WITH the side box... theyre painted galaxy black... Id be asking 360 shipped...

The lights front and rear, looks like I got local buyers... if not Ill update here as soon as I find out... same with bullbar... The guys at the dealership jumped at all my parts... sucks I left a good amount of things on the truck as well... not a lot but still... all the guys were callin shotgun and gettin my number for

Aside from are some pics of the new truck was good to me and was PLAYER and Ill miss her but I needed a change...


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AgTitan06 said:
Man, that is a pimp Armada!! I love it!! Sent you a PM.

I replied... I might have local buyers for most of the light stuff.... Im selling the halo projector headlights with the HIDs installed so most guys jumped real quick even at the dealer

Im sorry if I take a while to respond to u guys cuz Ive been gettin a lot of messages but Im working at pimping this armada lol...and im real busy takin care of some business here...but if anything Ill try to respond here in this thread...thanks guys :cheers:
I was trying to do the upgrade to Armada thingy but my dealer won't come close on price. I am going to keep hammering anyway until I eventually buy a Suburban; :(
keane said:
I was trying to do the upgrade to Armada thingy but my dealer won't come close on price. I am going to keep hammering anyway until I eventually buy a Suburban; :(

Well good luck... My truck was BAD... but the armada is also BAD.... in a different way though... its way more luxury to me... NICE NICE :cheers:
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