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Fender Flares For Sale

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Well I thought they were sold but after 2 weeks of the check being in the mail , figured I'd re-post. ATS Fender Flares for an 06 or newer (no cut out for the V8 emblem and no tool box) These are color matched in Red Alert and the match is perfect. I had these installed for 6 months and am selling the truck so back to stock it goes. They are like new! I also have a new mount kit and they are ready to go. They can be re-painted to match what ever color you need. These were right at $500.00. I'm asking $225.00 plus shipping or you can pick them up.


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can you package and ship? im in PA
PA not a problem. Shipping should be around $35.00 UPS
If you can do $200 shipped (half of what you paid) I will Paypal you ASAP. Also, how do they attach?

The use the screws that hold in the wheel well covers as well as you have to drill one small hole at the top of the flare inside the wheel well. Than they use a 3m double sided tape that holds the flare tight to the fender around the oustide edge. Very easy to install the important thing is to make sure the truck is clean and dry and that the air temp is above 65 and no colder for a couple days. As for price I think what I have listed is more than fair.

Thanks for your interest.
What a deal, I'd be all over these if I didn't have the tool box - grrrrrrrrrr ......
You have the exact truck I wanted to buy and couldn't find so I ended up with white. Too bad they aren't painted white.
Well it looks like my 2nd buyer fell through. So if anyone is interested they are still available. They are boxed and ready to go. With luck the Titan will be gone by the weekend. If so I may have some other items for sale as well.
Still forsale. Truck is gone so I need to get these out of the garage. Boxed and ready to ship.
REDUCED!!!! I'd like to get them out of my garage.. $200.00 for the complete set with a new mounting kit direct from ATS. They run $495.00 new and they are as good as new.
can you ship them to Alaska? I will pay for the shipping as well. If so PMe your number and I will call you for the payment details. Thanks
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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