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Finally got one!!!

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My wife presented me with a present the other day for my 40th bday! She found a 2004 LE Crew Cab that is imaculate condition. It was owned by a sales guy who put alot (78000) hwy mile on it but obviously took great care of the interior as I have never seen a cleaner truck with those kind of miles. I have wanted one of these since they came out but just never bit the bullet for the payment. So far (knock on wood) I have had no problems with the truck and hope not to since I have read alot about problems with the 2004 model. The previous owner must have had the brakes done because there is no judder as of yet. I have not checked the rearend yet but will soon after reading about some of the problems people are having with them. But as of now I am a proud TITAN owner!!!!!
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Congrats! And welcome to the forum! Plenty of info here, including how to delete a duplicate thread when you hit the "send" button twice! :lol: Seriously, have fun with it, and stick around. Lots of good info on here to help with whatever you may need! :cheers:
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