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Finally I posted some pics

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I posted a few pics I have a lot more I have to get off the digital I will try and not take so long this time.:gunz:
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For a second there I thought you had a long bed from the angles you took the pictures your.

What kind of headliner is that you have in your interior?
:rofl: I'm looking at this and thinking.... "Ok. So it's an 'I posted pictures thread'.... without any pictures... What did I miss." Then I checked your photo gallery. :lol: Way to throw us off the scent! :lol: Truck looks good! I'd say it needs more color, but then mine is technically the "absence of color", so who am I to talk? :dunno: And I agree.... that's an interesting interior headliner treatment. What is that? :thumbsup:
sorry bout the pic mislead still new at this. The headliner is black ultra suede backe with 1/4 foam I covered the seats too but I think im gonna go with bride laether racing seats instead. Im working on some graphics schemes right now but wont paint until summer
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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