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Firestone Air Bags

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OK I have decided to get some. Know who has the best price? I want just the bags and not the compressor. I found them at Summit for $259, but I know someone out there has found them cheaper. LMK Also do you have to remove bumpstops to install them?

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You may want to consider AirLift.
Air Lift 59554 - Air Lift Ride Control Kits - Overview -

I had Firestone airbags and the ride was really bad when the truck was empty (great when full or pulling a load). However , Airlift the ride improved all the way around.
i don't blame him for not wanting to drill or weld on his frame.
Putting a bolt in, 1 hole ... Sure I can understand it, thats really hard on your frame ... I mean you put a hole in your frame and then putting a bolt in would um well ... er ... Do nothing. :teethmast

There is no welding.

I have had both systems and unless under load, the Firestone bags ride just sucks. That all ... Get what you want.
The welding comment was an alternative to drilling in the frame. I never said i didn't like or use this system, I said that might be his reasoning behind his choice. No need to get your panties all in a wad.
You are reading me wrong if you think my panties are in a wad, takes way more than that... :)
I guess it would of been the sarcasm that made you look a little upset. No hard feelings, either set-ups have been proven on this forum.

IMO...for very Heavy hauling I would definately get the Firestones. If you just pull a small camper or trailer ect, the air lift would be ideal if you used a rust preventer in the new holes.
I have to disagree with on the "heavy" load part. Because both bags are rated for a lot more then the truck will hold. There is even a case where someone with air bags had the frame bend because of over weighting, pulling a trailer and going over a wash board road.

If you are pulling a load or have a load all the time in your truck. Get the Firestone bags. However if your truck is driven empty some times, get Air Lift.

My little Trailer is just over 8000lbs and it 29ft long .. :)

One more thing ... Did I mention I used to have Firestone? While both systems have been proven here on TT, not many can say they have tested both and prefer one, by far over the other ...
Are you wearing those pretty pink ones again??
Not today ... I try and switch colors once in a while ... :lol:
6500 lb. trailer with equalizer hitch, 20 libs in the firestone airbags to equalize front and rear, not much worse ride un-hitched
Check your shocks ... :teethmast
Airlifts are rated at 2000lbs which is less than some Titan's payload. Firestone's are rated at 5000.
Um , so you are thinking that by adding airbags you remove the springs?

Lets say your max load without the bags is 2000lbs when you add the bags you get another 2000,lbs that = 4000. Well, not really but you get the point. The are used as helpers, not to take he total load.

Firestone bags are heaver, thicker and do have a higher weight rating. The are also stiff even with only 5PSI in them. If you ride with 1000lbsor more in the bed of your truck all the time, get the Firestone. However if you drive any time with no load then get the Airlift. I have had both on this Titan. I still have the Firestone on my Excursion 3/4 ton. I HATE the ride empty with the Excursion.

Get whats best for you
Hey guys....... does the airlift add extra height to the rear of the truck(when not in use)? I'm at the height I want to be at and don't wanna" stinkbug" it.
No extra height until you add more then 10PSI of air ...
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