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Firing Directions?

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I have read a lot of the posts here and looking at the enclosures. From what I can see, you can have subwoofers UP, DOWN or FRONT firing.

Can anyone enlighten me as to what the difference in the resulting sound quality or loudness is? I guess i don't understand what factor other than mounting depth would determine which direction the subs fire.

OH... and one more maybe for Tech12Volt, I saw you recommended a 4 x 10" setup over a 2 x 12" setup. Wouldn't 4 x 10"s require over 2.0cu ft of airspace, and does an underseat box have enough airspace? Having said that I do like the idea of 4 10" subs.

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Lot of differing opinions on this. Many think that upfiring is louder than down-firing. Both my current box and my previous one is/was down-firing. To me it presents a full bass presence and puts the bass right up on the stage. This go round, I built my box for a single 10W7, and made sure I had at least 4" from the floor of the truck to the spkr. baffle, to prevent overloading the driver. It works quite well, and I am very happy with the response.
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