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I am getting my flowmaster 50 series next week and I am looking at a volant CAI. Which would you guys recommend???
I've had the 50 and it sounded pretty good. I wanted louder so I had it swapped for a 40 and ran that for a while. The flow master drone got old. I switched that out for a Dynomax Bullet a while back and I really like it. Very loud and aggressive but no crazy drone on the freeway.

I had an AFE intake (that kept throwing codes) and a Volant intake. I liked the Volant a lot, but ended up selling it to pay down some debt, and I replaced it by modifying the stock air box (DIY airbox mod) and throwing in a K&N filter. I can barely tell the difference between the K&N and the Volant. K&N filter was $50 + free DIY mod. Volant was over $300.

Nothing I've done - exhaust, intake, tuner, tonneau....nothing has made a noticeable difference in my mileage. I might have gained 1 mpg at the very most, between everything I've done combined. I did lose about 1 mpg w/6" lift and 35" tires, so it evens out I guess. With mixed driving, I still get about 13mpg.
1 - 2 of 100 Posts
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