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First 500 miles on upgraded 08 brakes and R1 concepts pads and rotors.

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A few weeks ago I did the much needed 08 brake upgrade, I purchased reman calipers from autozone and I used R1 concepts pads and rotors.
For anyone out there with worn out brakes like I had spend the extra 140 dollhairs get the bigger calipers and rotors. This is the exact brake kit I went with, it is for a 06 armada with the big rotors the if you were wondering the rear pads and rotors are the same. You will also need those clip spacer things, I would highly recommend the spacers for the front I have listed, they have a rubber coating where is touches the caliper bracket and my guess reduces noise. Also make sure your reman calipers have paint on them mine were bare so I painted them black no biggie but rust is ugly. Am very impressed with the quality of the pads and rotors the black zinc keeps the rotors completely rust free. The pads were noisy and made tons of dust during break in but now there quiet and my silver wheels stay very clean. These pads tend to like a little heat in them, one hard stop and they defiantly bit harder than cold but I think thats the deal with most pad.

The pad rotor kit all 4

The front clips

Rear clips
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