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I can't comment on the grill or tailgate issues since I don't have a Titan (yet :) ).

But the center console I may be able to comment on. My previous vehicle had a center console hinged on the right side. My current vehicle has one hinge on the back. Hinged on the right side is great - very easy access for the driver and that's what counts. Hinged on the back is a huge pain in the ***. In order to open my center console, I have to turn the knob on the front, lift it, and flip it rearward while raising my arm up (high) to clear it. What a terrible design.

My $.02.

Edit - I agree with the original poster, re: you'd better be able to drive this thing on gravel roads without tearing it up - BUT I don't own one so I can't make the judgement about whether or not the grill is correctly designed.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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