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Derodeo said:
I finally got to look over (though not drive - it was already sold) a Titan CC (SE trim) at my local dealer. It's only the 2nd Titan I've seen in southern Alberta. Overall it is a great truck but I did notice a few design problems.

Most obvious to me is the huge unprotected opening in the front below the grill. Those plastic parts and fan blades are going to be destroyed in no time on the gravel roads around here. The center console lid opens sideways making it very difficult for the front seat passenger to reach in. A simple fix would be to have the lid open backward like in most vehicles. That tailgate is HEAVY and without any counterbalancing like the new Ford 150 has, it's going to hurt somebody who isn't paying attention.

My plans are to factory order a Titan LE crew cab in late August for delivery in November as a 2005 model (yeah, I'm a patient sort). I hope Nissan will be making a few minor improvements for the next model year. I've heard rumours of a power sliding rear window.

Here's a question the salesman couldn't answer. Does the Titan have exactly the same transmission as the Armada, complete with a full time AWD mode?
Holey Crap, if the roads are going ot destroy your fan blades, what is your paint going to look like? Do you have rocks flying at your car rather than dust? :huh:
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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