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I have been a lurker on Titan Talk for some time now, and have gained a great amount of info from all the members.
I live in upstate NY where we measure snow in feet and my 06 SE/KC has never missed a beat. For all of us who may have forgotten how awesome our trucks were the day we bought them I was able to get a reality check today.
Yesterday while backing up my small utility trailer in a tight spot I jack knifed it and caved in my right rear quarter panel (I do have a stupidity rider on my insurance policy) I dropped the Titan off at the body shop this morning and my insurance company rented me a 07 Dodge Dokota V8 to drive while my Titan is in the shop.
It didn't have to drive this truck 3 blocks to realize how awesome our Titans are (I sure hope the body shop fixes my truck soon)
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Man, sorry to hear about the ouch your truck got! Those little trailers are the hardest ones to back in. You simply can't see them over the gate. Hope it gets fixed soon, and welcome to the boards!
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