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First time being pulled over in the Titan...

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Last night after moving a sofa for my daughter, I got pulled over for doing 52 in a 35.... I thought I recognized the officer, but I'm not sure. (I may have had him in a class) He was dead-pan asking me : do you know how fast you were doing?, May I see your license?, etc... As I waited for him to return, my brother and I wondered how bad the ticket would be.... He came back, handed me my license and said he'd just give me a verbal warning... As he turned, he said : Nice truck though!
Sometimes life surprises you....

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Sweet.... One more reason you gota love our trucks! :cheers:
sweet cops are cool sometimes lol
roy365 said:
Maybe he hust saw that 100 yard stare in your eyes.
HAHAHA~! Too funny!
Boy did you get lucky! I would have been sitting on the curb getting screamed at be multiple officers if I was in your shoes! Consider yourself blessed...
I was driving back to work a couple of days ago and topped a hill at a little better than 80, the speed limit was 65. At the bottom of the hill sat the sheriff and well he wasn't sleeping. I pulled over told him the truth that I was tired the truck was new and I was not yet accustomed to the gas and how going 80 really didn't feel like I was going 80. I had all my information ready to hand to him, he looked it over said well ok just try to pay a little more attention handed me back my license and insurance paperwork and said take care. Got to love ND and the friendly people of this state.
Lucky people.. i got nailed in my truck, but not for speeding.... it was beyond lame.
Driving to go see the fam and as soon as i reached i-20 whooooo. Got me doing 93 in a 55 that just changed from 70 about 3/4's of a mile back because of constuction. Got me from the other side of the road, turned around dukes of hazard style in the median and pulled me over. Steped out of his car and threw his hat on the ground put his hands on his hood and was breathing very heavy. At this point the girlfriend just woke up from the noise makers on the side of the highway and she is freaking out. After about 30 sec. he picked his hat up walked up to the truck and said "boy why in the hell are you goin 38mph over the speed limit?" i simply said "i dont know sir". He took my license etc. Gave me the ticket and said to call the number in ten biz days and they would tell me how much it would be. When i asked him why he threw his hat , had a fit and if everything was ok he responed no everything is'nt ok... im 48 years old and you're making me risk my life out here, we both could have died. This was my first ticket ever and hopeing its my last. The only thing he did for me was not put down that it was a constuction zone because he said it would have been double the ticket face. That hurt a little. I guess it could have been worse. Good old officer Mr. Bobby Abby, never
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I just got pulled over this past wednesday outside of Eastland TX b/c the DEALER license plate frame was covering up "Texas" on my license plate. He only gave me a warning. Had he given me a ticket, I would have been driving straight to the dealer to have them pay it for selling me a truck w/ an illegal license plate cover. Oh well, guess it don't matter.

Also, FYI... for you TX drivers, make sure you have a plate on the front and back (and "Texas" isn't covered up).
I got pulled over this last August, one day before my birthday. I had passengers in the front and back, which is rare for me. With all the yacking going on, I was distracted. When I came over a hill I saw the county sheriff on the road side and quickly looked at me speedo, going 85 in a 65. Breaking didn't help and when I passed him, his car shot out like a stone out of a slingshot. When I pulled over, I rolled down the window as he approached and yelled out "Sorry officer, my fault" like something I would say playing basketball and messing up. He was surprised at my honesty and told me it was very refreshing to hear such honesty, not some convoluted bullshat story. I got a warning and was sent on my way saving me about $300.
My first speeding ticket....

LOL... good stories all, so here's one of my first speeding ticket... I was just topping a hill, saw a deputy going the other way behind 2 other cars, I looked at my speedo (it read 76), looked in my rear view to see the deputy was behind me with lights on. I pulled over, she cut my ticket to 74 in a 55. The cut-off line is 20 over for the higher fines. I don't think I ever did tell her that I had my car in Neutral for over 2-1/2 miles. Just before that I was going a lot lot faster... (135) But then again I was young and dumb then... The car I had then was made for speed, but the road was not.... I have
When I wrecked my Titan, it was hit in the front. So the hood was pushed up and the grill was missing. The officer handed me my registration and said it was for a Nissan. He thought it was a Toyota. I looked at the front and said, yeah, now it looks just just like the new Tundra, doesn't it.:evillaugh
Nuke said:
When I wrecked my Titan, it was hit in the front. So the hood was pushed up and the grill was missing. The officer handed me my registration and said it was for a Nissan. He thought it was a Toyota. I looked at the front and said, yeah, now it looks just just like the new Tundra, doesn't it.:evillaugh

Some lucky people here not getting tickets for speeding. I've been stopped a couple of times for speeding, but I have one of thoes police badges. Well when I first had this 08 I was with my wife going to Lowes and seen this SC State troop fishtailing as he was doing a u-turn to get me for speeding 65 in a 45 mph:paranoid: I told him I was a Greenville cop, so he says "have a nice day"
I have not had a speeding ticket since 1990. That almost changed a few months back. Doing 60 in a 55 and then wham a 45mph zone and this azzhat pulls out in front of me and hits his brakes. I jump in to the left lane and slide around him and then pull back in to my lane never slwoing down like I should have. Before I know it I have flahing lights all over my butt. I wheel in to the Home Depot and the State Trooper comes in nosing his front bumper about 4ft from my drivers side door. he gets out yelling and pointing his finger with a real pissed off look on his face. He asked if knew how fast I was going, 60, ya thats right 60 in 45mph zone!! Man this guy was fired up!! He wanted my license and registration and went back to his car. Came back with a written warning. He said thanks for being honest about your speed, slow it down and have a nice day.
I left work at a pharmacy I had never worked at before, so I was not familiar with the area. It was a really long and bad day (12 hours, no break, no lunch). Took off and was doing about 70 in a 35 (did not know it was a 35). I apologized, told him the truth that I had a bad day 12 hours, did not know the area, sorry! He told me to be careful and not do it again, I agreed and I went on my way!

Love it!
I've had musclecars my entire life, and have only had 1 ticket... It was in my younger sisters early 90's model Honda Civic doing 100 on I-16 coming back from Macon. My wife, on the other hand, has had MANY tickets driving my vehicles. That's why she doesn't get to drive the Titan any longer. It's back to the 4-banger Rodeo for her.
My last ticket was this past December,doing 86 in a 70 mph zone, given by a sheriff in a small county about 100 miles east of here. He didn't turn the ticket in by my appearance date, so they had to dismiss it. That made for a good Christmas gift.
You guys are dang lucky!

I've been pulled over twice and gotten tickets twice and I've been calm, and straight up every time, not giving any crap or anything.

First time I was doing 64, yeah 64 in a 55. Cop asked me if I knew how fast I was going, I said I think I was doing 62 or 63. He's like, "No you were doing 64." I had just bought a Magnum and the roads in Idaho were really dusty so there was so much dust on the back he couldn't see the temp registration. He took my license and scraped the dirt off with it like he was scraping ice of a windshield! Came back, gave me the ticket and off I went.

Second time I got pulled over for doing 52 in a 40. The road was 4 lanes, two way with a 5th lane in the middle for turning. It was also downhill for about a mile, cop was at the bottom of course. Basically just answered his questions and he wrote me the ticket. This was 4 weeks after moving to the state of colorado and I was still learning the roads...cops already takin my money.

I think I'm a pretty slow driver compared to the rest of the world. Maybe need to invest in radar detection...
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