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First time to use 4lo and e locker

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well since posting a few weeks ago that i wanted to sell the T, i kept sifting through the posts to try to come up with ways to make her fun and change my mind (which they have) and did some inexpensive mods that have in love with the T(mainly deep/loud exhaust!deal with the cracked headers later). today i went to check out some new tires i found on craigslist, which sucked by the way, less tread than what i've got on mine, so since i drove 30 miles i figured i would go down by the blanco river underneath i35 and hit up a little mud so i could at least engage the 4lo and e locker and feel it in some slop. i know it looks pathetic but bear with me we have had a drought here in central texas for almost 8 months and we had our first rain the other day so you know if you don't use it you lose it? lol. also anyone know why we don't have an offroad section in TT? and if anyone reads this thats within 50 or so miles from new braunfels texas and you know of a good mud/wheelin spot and want another vehicle please let me know b/c everywhere i used to go as a youngster is fenced off and private, texas sucks sometimes like that b/c there is no public offroading close to me anyways. btw, thanks to the guys that were positive in responses when i was feeling ****ty about the T, just took a few mods now i got the bug!


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HEY! that must be a remote control miniature, there is no driver....
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