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First time towing impressed!

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I just got my titan in time for my Ocala florida trip. It towed the trailer with no problems, sometimes I forgot it was back there. It averaged about 9 miles to the gallon at about 75 mph. The trailer was a 24 FT wells cargo and i had 5 quads in it. The total weight was just shy of 6000lbs.
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Yes, the Titan sure does a nice job of towing stuff around for all of us! Glad to hear you are enjoying yours.
Yeah I just used my titan to pull my race car to Austin, TX. I was truly impressed with it. It felt stable, smooth and has plenty of power. It was a 800 mile round trip.
The titan tows great. Pleany of power. Just got to keep an eye out for the gas stations. I towed my toy hauler fully loaded out to gordons well dunes last weekend. Roughly 8k lbs. I figured it out and I got about 7 miles to the gallon. :crying:
I got to ask how was ocala ? I heard most of it is closed down due to azzclowns tearing it up! Where did you drive from ?
I drove up from Miami. We went to the Hard Rock Mx track and had a great time there. Next day went to lake delancy and also had a good ride. The only thing is that you have to stay on the marked trails so you end up bumping in to a lot of other riders. Either way i would go back, but I don't know about krooms.
ive had my titan for 7 months now and have yet to haul anything im a loser i dont know i even went as far as telling all my buddies if you need anything towed ill do it for free just to see how strong the truck is supposed to be hahaha!!!!!!!!!!
Funny!!!! I can't wait to tow my toy/race car my previous truck pulled it pretty well, tis thing should make short work of it.
Friend and I went mudding this weekend I was in my Xterra. he got in too deep and truck died. We were 100 miles from home and had to trailer him back. had to go home and get the Titan and the 2200 lb car hauler.

Used a come-a-long to get it on trailer... a 7000lb truck is not easy ;)

HEAVY tongue weight and heavy total load. Because the Titan was outweighed by so much we stayed at 55. Made it home safely and the Titan surprised me how well it did. Plenty of power!!! and held the road reasonably well too

I need airbags though... the rear was LOW

Always pulls my 6500lb 5th wheel fine but did this close to 10K very well too!
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back in '98 same thing happened to me in my chevy the only thing is I blew my motor, it had about two pounds of mud in the oil pan!!!
good to hear it worked out good for you. they are nice for towing
My Titan is a towing champ and an excellent all around vehicle, considering that I can only have one everyday vehicle.
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