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First time towing with 08 cc

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I towed with my 2008 titan cc for the first time this week truck has 900 miles on it had a 5000 pound skidsteer a 1000 pound backhoe attachment a 100 pound bucket and 1000 pound trailer this truck towed this with no problem. I have owned and used many chevy and ford half ton trucks and they dont even come close to the way my titan tows. Same trailer behind a 2006 f150 w5.4l truck could not keep a steady speed. Vehicle Car Transport Mode of transport Trailer

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Break her in good before you go too heavy....
Good luck and happy towing...

Its nice to hear how much better the Titan is especially since you have pulled that same setup with a different truck and can give a direct comparison.

Just remember as "redneckpapa1996" indicated take it easy for the first few hauls. Check your manual, cause it says for the 500 miles of towing not go over 50mph.....

Gotta love the Titan!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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