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Fishnalaska's review of Xenon Vision, 6000k HID plug and play kit

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I was one of the 2 members to get the opportunity to review Xenon Visons plug and play HID kit. Some basics to start out with, I am running a retrofitted OEM headlight with Mini H1 projectors and LED's in the high beam location (not that it really matters because the HID's overpower the LED's when the projector shutter flips up). I was running a 35W Morimoto H1 6000K plug and play kit ($150) in my projectors prior to the test, so this will be a comparison against one of the best HID kits out there. I also did request and received a 35W H1 6000k set of bulbs and ballasts from Xenon Vision ($69.99), shipping was quick (once I got them my shipping address...) Here are my headlights, these were retrofitted by member CMorse.

Here is a comparison pic between the Morimoto set and the Xenon vision set, the Morimoto's have been on the truck for about 5 months so they were a little dirty.

As you will notice the blast on the Xenon Vision is smaller, a couple other things I will point out.
1. The plug in on the Morimotos are static and attached to the ballast themselves rather than attached by wire. For me the Morimoto's were a little harder to mount as the plug was in the way and could not be moved. Having the ability to move the plug on the Xenon visions made them much easier to mount.
2. The bulb on the Xenon Vision is about 1/8-1/4" shorter than the Morimoto bulb, this was a big one for me, I never felt I got a perfect pattern with the Morimoto bulbs, With the Xenon vision bulbs being a touch shorter, they seemed to fit into my projector better and threw a better pattern (which I will show in pictures below) Very odd considering the my projectors are Morimoto projectors, you would think their bulb would fit better.
3. The Xenon vision set only had nylon wrap around part of the wiring, while the Morimoto's had it on all the wiring, not sure if that means anything, guess we will see in time (I am running the Morimoto set on my fog lights now).

Now for some comparison picks.

This is a picture of the Morimoto's on low beam, you can see that they fade out a bit the center of the beam

Comparison pic of the Xenon vision on low beam, notice the center of the beam, it doesn't drop ff as much as the Morimoto's do, it has more of straight line.

Morimoto Drivers side only

Xenon Vision drivers side only

Morimoto high beam

Xenon vision high beam

My final thoughts are that the Xenon Vision put out a better light pattern, again was this because of the difference in length,I don't know. For half the price of the Morimoto's, I don't thing you can go wrong with the Xenon vision. I can see street signs light up about a mile away on low beam, high beam lights up the road! I will get some more pics when I have a chance to get out on a dark road without traffic. One other note we did have some cold weather this weekend (17 degrees) ballast did warm up as quick as any other HID kit I have had. These have been in for about 3 weeks now, so I can't speak to longevity, but winter is here and they will be put through there paces. The set I had prior to the Morimoto's did not survive the harsh climate and the wires got brittle, melted and then fried so we will see how these hold up.
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awesome feedback! that output is impressive.
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