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Flapping noise when AC comes on

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Whenever I turn on the AC in my 04 Titan I hear a rapid flapping noise. it goes for a few minutes then shuts off. Last year the noise would last longer and would come on at different times it also would keep "flapping" after I turn the engine off. being from Arizona it is almost AC weather and that noise can get annoying at times.

Does anyone have a clue what might be going on??

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Here is what I have on it. Hope it helps.

HVAC Clicking noise when selector switch moved- Cam to mode door actuator is clicking loudly

I also have had this issue on my ’05 titan and fixed it myself. The clicking noise for me was on the drivers’ side, to the right of the gas pedal and up about 10 inches. I would get the noise when I would turn the vents to full defrost then back to Max Air, the noise would only happen when turning back to Full Air. Thanks to TitanTech659 I was able to locate the issue and take a stab at it. Note that there are two actuators in that general area and the one that I was having problems with was the upper one and is Nissan Part # 27743-ZP00A and cost $49 at the dealer in Colorado Springs, Co.,

The problem actuator is mounted to a plate and the other is not. With the advice I got from the above post from Titantech659, I went into this thinking it will be an all day job and I would need a lot of patients to say the least. Well he was 100% correct and even though it only took me about 3 hours, me neck, back and arms hurt like crazy after I was done; There is very little room to work and I felt like a contortionist at times. It can be done, but make sure you are very technical and have good tools to get the job done. I am not an auto mechanic by any means, but I do pride myself on giving anything a try if it can save me money.

It's the actuator on the door that changes the vent positions. It will happen a few seconds after you shut off the truck and it will happen when you switch from de-frost to vent mode. It jumps teeth and starts clicking.

The local dealer told me a few months ago that Nissan released a new part for this. He has done 6 repairs with the new Nissan part. The bad news...I talked to him 2 days ago and he told me that the new part isn't working any better and don't even bother to come in and spend the money to fix it.

10-16-08 Titantech 659
Re: Help with Horrible HVAC sound...
I've tried to lube them but it doesn't ever seem to work. If it does, it will only fix it for a little while. We just replace them. The best way to get to them is under the dash, above and to the right of the gas pedal.
You could fix it yourself but you will need A LOT of patience. First you will need to unbolt the BCM (right above the gas pedal) then you will need a 5.5 mm 1/4" socket and ratchet for the screws that hold the mode door cam on. There are 3 screws. 1 is the top right screw that holds the mode door actuator to the cam. There isn't much room to work and you have to do it on your back while laying on the floor boards. Once you get it out and start putting the new one in you need to make sure the mode door arms go into the slots of the cam. If you don't get these arms in the right position then the doors won't work properly when you go to change modes from defrost to vent etc. It can be a pain in the @ss!
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