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Floormats, headlights, taillights, sub, aftermarket sub

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Hey guys due to my first thread being burried and convoluted before I could get pictures of the products up, here is a new thread listing the items I have for sale.

Taillights are like new condition - asking $50 plus shipping.
(Average $30 freight)

Automotive lighting Automotive tail & brake light Red Light Auto part

Rubber floormats are like new, just need a wipe. Asking $40
Cloth floormats would steam clean nicely and were always underneath rubbers. - Asking $30 plus shipping.
(Average $30 freight)

Floor Mat Flooring

Sub has 2 years of use, would take cover off and clean before shipping - asking $30 plus shipping. (Average $20 freight)

Headlights are slightly used condition - most 'scratches' in this picture are bugsplatter and will be cleaned before shipping. Asking $60 plus shipping. (Average $45 freight)

Headlamp Automotive lighting Light Auto part Vehicle


This is one of Tech12Volts underseat 8 inch subs. Is a pioneer IB Flat 8 inch woofer @150 watts with dual 2ohm voice coils. Works with stock or aftermarket amp. Asking $70 plus shipping. (Average $25 freight)

Subwoofer Loudspeaker Car subwoofer Vehicle audio Audio equipment

Thanks guys let me know.
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It sure does, stock wiring goes right into it.
Location? Interested in heads and tails possibly
Located in Edmonton, Alberta.
Those average freight charges are roughly what you would pay for anywhere in the US - but if the freight ends up costing more I would cover the difference so you wouldn't pay more than the freight charges quoted.
Just an FYI, when you know something is sold you should update your thread.
I did, the second the item sold out there was that bold writing above the picture saying tech12volt underseat sub sold. You messaged me literally just as I was editing the thread, and coincidentally minutes after I had sold the sub.
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Price Reduction

Asking $30 for tails

$40 for heads

And $20 for either set of floormats
They sure are yep
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