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Floormats, headlights, taillights, sub, aftermarket sub

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Hey guys due to my first thread being burried and convoluted before I could get pictures of the products up, here is a new thread listing the items I have for sale.

Taillights are like new condition - asking $50 plus shipping.
(Average $30 freight)

Automotive lighting Automotive tail & brake light Red Light Auto part

Rubber floormats are like new, just need a wipe. Asking $40
Cloth floormats would steam clean nicely and were always underneath rubbers. - Asking $30 plus shipping.
(Average $30 freight)

Floor Mat Flooring

Sub has 2 years of use, would take cover off and clean before shipping - asking $30 plus shipping. (Average $20 freight)

Headlights are slightly used condition - most 'scratches' in this picture are bugsplatter and will be cleaned before shipping. Asking $60 plus shipping. (Average $45 freight)

Headlamp Automotive lighting Light Auto part Vehicle


This is one of Tech12Volts underseat 8 inch subs. Is a pioneer IB Flat 8 inch woofer @150 watts with dual 2ohm voice coils. Works with stock or aftermarket amp. Asking $70 plus shipping. (Average $25 freight)

Subwoofer Loudspeaker Car subwoofer Vehicle audio Audio equipment

Thanks guys let me know.
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Location? Interested in heads and tails possibly
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