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Flowmaster 40 series setup

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Hey guys up for sale is a custom setup i had made. It is a true dual with 2 flowmaster 40 series mufflers. It has around 3-4 feet of pipe before the mufflers, the 2 mufflers, then the rest of the piping to the tips. I do not have pictures of it on my truck because before i took it off i forgot to take pics of it. I will describe it the best i can though. It was the nicest looking setup i have seen. The dual tips came out behind the passenger rear tire. It was a side exit and the tips are seen from the back as well. Both tips are angle cut and are completely chrome with no goldish tint or any other type of heat wear. They tips are 12 inches long and with a 4 inch diameter.

These sounded great!!! It was fairly loud but not obnoxiously loud. The cabin noise was there but wasnt bad unless you stepped on the gas. It was very deep and throaty.

The setup is about a year old. I will take pictures of it off the truck so you can get an idea of what it looks like.

I'm located in Phoenix, willing to ship at buyers expense.

Im looking to get $165 obo for it. This is complete and just needs to be welded on.

If you have any other questions PM me, email me at [email protected], or call me at 480.221.6543.

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tried to send pm but mail box is full how much to ship to largo fl 33777 (around how much
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