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While digging around the internet we found this Hot Rod Magazine article from 2007! It’s the Hot Rod Parts – Speed Parts Hall of Fame and the Flowmaster muffler was in the top 10 significant parts inducted into the hall of fame by SEMA members. It was an honor to be placed so highly with the greatest industry-changing hot rod parts of all time.

Quote from the article: “Ray Flugger loved racing, especially circle track stuff. When he heard rumors of the California state legislature putting harsh noise limits on roundy-round cars, he got concerned that it would kill the sport. Ray had an exhaust company named Hush Power, and he set out to develop a muffler to save the racing market. His goal was to build a muffler that would allow an 800hp race engine to meet the noise restrictions and not lose any power…“

For more of this story and the Flowmaster Mufflers induction into the Hall of Fame click the following link:

Hot Rod Parts - Speed Parts Hall Of Fame - Hot Rod Magazine

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