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flowmaster super 44???

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Has anyone tried the new flowmaster super 44???
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I have one on my truck right now. I replaced my broken banks muffler with it. So i am running 3 inch all the way. It is very loud in hard acceleration but not to bad when cruising the highway.
im thinkin about runnin 2.5 inch true duals with two of those.. just wonderin how they sounded.. do they have the "pop" when at WOT???
I am running one of these with a turn down i like the sound it doesnt sound like your everyday flowmaster. only thing it isnt loud enough for me so im going to upgrade to a 3" catback probably either jba or bassani depending on the bassani's sound. im not worrying about performance as much anymore now that i am lifted
I used it before I got my Borla. It was great.

I got mine form
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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