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Fluctuating oil pressure?

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Is it common for the oil pressure gauge to fluctuate during acceleration? It appears that this started happening after I changed the oil in my truck.

Could I have done something wrong while changing the oil? Or is the fluctuation normal?
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It is PERFECTLY normal. When the engine is under load, or the oil is cold, it will cause the oil pressure to spike. The oil guage on this truck is an actual pressure guage, not just a fancy idiot light that only warns you once it's too late and all the oil is gone.

So dont worry. You most likely did nothing wrong. Your truck is just reporting its condition. :thumbsup:
yeah what bb said. Mine has done that since day 1. I just give her 10 mins to warm up before giving too much throttle and she is good to go. But yes the gage still jumps up under acceleration even when warm, just not spike.
Mine is fluctuating at idle in drive postition!???
Could be a bad much fluctuation?
having same problem people saying on here that go to a good oil filter NAPA gold filter
My problem just started after 166,000 miles. The oil pressure is normal at idle but as the RPMs increase so does the oil pressure until it shows max pressure at cruising speed. I have never had this problem. Any suggestions?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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