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Fluid leaking from front diff breather hose!

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I am trying to find out if anyone has experienced differential fluid spewing from the differential breathing hose. If so, what was determined to be the cause. "Stealership" is trying to say that the breathing tube spewed fluid because it was moved from the original location on the factory airbox. I don't think 3" inches lower is going to be the cause after 10,000 miles?
I think this was the only way they could charge me when they couldn't diagnose problem? Truck is under warranty!
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They overfilled the diff at the factory... Same happened to me and dealer accused me of overfilling myself. FUKK Nissan
Thanks, you took the words right out of my mouth. The only way a stealership gets paid is to either diagnose a problem and repair it or blame it on the owner who installed an aftermarket part.
how do you overfill a diff? Wouldn't it all come out the hole if you filled it up to the hole?
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