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Has anyone here that has had their transmission flushed had any problems after the flush? Did you have to return for anything?

I'm scheduled for a dealer flush on Monday.
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Flushing always scared me. I have had problems in the past and I have had friends that have had problems after a flush. I made a call to another Nissan dealer to discuss the subject of flushing the tranny. Turns out Nissan doesn't recommend it. They sent out a bulletin on Dec. 10, 2007 to the service departments advising against it. I think I am going to skip the flush and have a replace done instead.

See attached.


The dealer ended up doing the fluid flush/replacement without using the flush machine. The guy in charge of the Nissan service (The Place is a Nissan/Audi/VW Dealer) said he had not seen this letter since his service manager was gone on vacation and hadn't passed on the info to him.

He said they will no longer use the flush machine on Titans after reading the letter issued by Nissan.

They ended up doing the flush/replacement as described in the service manual, which involves removing the coolant line and pouring new fluid into the charging line until it comes out of the cooler line the same color.

The procedure from the service manual was posted before.
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1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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