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Has anyone here that has had their transmission flushed had any problems after the flush? Did you have to return for anything?

I'm scheduled for a dealer flush on Monday.
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I just had the BG Flush at the Nissan Dealer in Wilmington NC, for $159.00. It carries a 150,000K Warranty if you do it every 30K, which I will. I'll go read that PDF now, interesting post...

Read it now...

So who do I trust??? I had it done here in NC, as I was on vacation and it was convenient, but my regular dealer does the same BG Flush, not a Nisssan J Matic Flush. I am not going to worry about it, as I'm confident that the BG is compatible, or Dealers wouldn't be using it. But gee willikers, can't they come to agreement on this issue! ...

How can Nissan deny warranty if they don't offer J Matic Flush?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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