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Has anyone here that has had their transmission flushed had any problems after the flush? Did you have to return for anything?

I'm scheduled for a dealer flush on Monday.
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I just did the flush based on a couple of conditions. See that they have an experienced tech do it and not some rookie. At my dealer they use a different machine for each type so there were no cross contamination issues. The tech that did mine has not seen a problem flushing in 16 years. For the extra 100 I did a full flush which I will most likely do every 20000 from now on but I don't drive many miles and I drive it like it was rented, lol.
PRJ said:
Flushing always scared me. I have had problems in the past and I have had friends that have had problems after a flush. I made a call to another Nissan dealer to discuss the subject of flushing the tranny. Turns out Nissan doesn't recommend it. They sent out a bulletin on Dec. 10, 2007 to the service departments advising against it. I think I am going to skip the flush and have a replace done instead.

See attached.
My fluid came out brownish red and after the flush it was like a different tranny. I have my doubts if the regular maintenance of drain and fill would would be sufficient for my driving style. after feeling the difference and seeing the fluid color, I will most likely continue to flush but if not I would do a drain and fill every 10000 to keep the performance up to snuff for my drag racing. Good luck with it man.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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