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FNA beach meet in Daytona!

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It's time for the FNA beach meet in Daytona!

Our beach meets have great turn outs, and you can bring out the family! I got a tent and BBQ, Josh if he goes has a volley ball net and other games. Its all around a good time so let do it!

Sat May, 7th.
11AM Meet

Slight change of plans. Instead of meeting up and heading over. I’m just going to give you all the directions on where to meet on the beach. After seeing how packed the beach was today, we are going to need to try to save some spots. Pack your coolers with what ever you all want before coming out. Josh is still brining the grill out so if you wanna BBQ go for it!
I would say that if you can get there earlier then 11 you shouldn’t have a problem parking next to us. After that is going to be a bit more difficult. I will be out there with Josh setup up about 10.

Our main goal in doing it this way instead is to try to get as many spots on the beach as possible before it gets crowded.
PM me here or on Face book if you want my cell number in case you get lost.

If you take I4 east to 95 south you will get off at exit 256 and turn left at the light. That will put you on Dunlawton ave. Take that all the way till you hit sand and water! Its 5 bucks to get on the beach, and as of right now, make a right after you pay. We should be setup on the right side.

Heres a good map.,-80.997391&spn=0.137642,0.307274&z=12
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55 views and no takers? Tough crowd!
Bump.....its alomost here!
No prob! Who ever shows, biggie. Just thought I would offer to it to you all. We got a food money pool started, Josh have a bunch of beach games, volley ball net, ladder golf etc. and a BBQ grill. I got a big pop up tent and some chairs. should be a good time. so far we got a bunch of X's and a few Frontys. should be fun! All are welcome!
There has been a change to the initial meeting location. Please read the first post and let me know if you have questions!!!
im sure someone (U) could pull me out but I wouldnt try it cuz I'll mess up that bodykit and I'll be pissed. cuz that would be a lot of $$$ thrown out the window
Lateley the sand has been pretty hard packed, including the driving lanes. I have cloth straps if its a must. I see corvettes on the sand all the time and they dont have a problem. The key is to not press the gas when rollin into your spot. Get some speed up, pull in but not to far. Plus with all us guys there we should be able to push you out. Just stay on the hard packed sand an you''ll be fine.
Just a quick up date- This meet is lookin outta hand! We got frontys, X's Titans and even some old friends from the FJ group are coming. Get there early so get you a good spot on the beach with us! Holy Crap!:aufkopfhauen-big:
If your coming out to the beach meet and wanna park with the pack you will have to get there earlier then 11. We will try to save as many spots as we can, but the beach is first come first serve. Ill be out there with josh around 9 to start getting setup. The earlier out there you can get the better for you to park! Keep in mind, its 5 bucks cash to get on the beach!!
Damn it. If this was in June or July I would deff be there. let me know if you guys have another one later on. Ill be there fo sho
Ya there will be another one or two out there. My B-day is at the end of June and thats what we did last year. Its a blast. Ill post up if thats what we do.
My 31st B-Day will be at the beach Sat June 25th. Ill be putting up a thread on it soon. So if you all missed the last one, you have another chance!
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