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Well I have decided not to install all this into my truck just yet and am going a different direction. So it's all for sale. I never installed or ran power through any of these items. All items shipped as is, as they are electronic. I will put pics/more specs up tomorrow. All prices are shipped in CONUS, PM me for a price shipped elsewhere.

-Focal K2P Upgraded version. Second owner. These speakers are very nice, no nicks/scratches etc. Have all grilles/mounts etc and the original box. Asking $500.

-Focal Access 165CA1. Second owner. Bought for rear fill. No nicks/scratches. Asking $140

-2 x Focal 27H subs. Great condition, original boxes w/ ID cards. Asking $120 for the pair.

-US Acoustics USX600F. Old Zed built amp. In original box w/ manual etc. Great condition. Asking $180

-US Acoustics USX800F. Same series as above, bought at the same time. Asking $220

That's it for now, PM me with any questions you have and I will answer them.


EDIT: I can't post links to my photobucket until 15 posts so if you want pics, PM me and I will get them to you, and I'll start posting more. haha...

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good guy here...




Focal 165CA1's:

Focal 165K2P's:

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