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For Sale: AVS Projektorz Headlight Covers

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I am selling a pair of AVS Projektorz Headlight Covers that were used for about 6 weeks. You will need to buy new velcro for this to work (wally world).
They are in almost perfect condition, no cracks or scratches and only have the little avs logos blacked out with a sharpie.

I am asking $50 shipped and prefer paypal.


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B u m p ! ! !
Make me an offer...
you going to the meet on October 6? if so, bring them along, I'd like to see hojw they look on my Titan... :)
It's hard to tell from the pics... do these covers COMPLETELY cover the headlight? I've been thinking about covers to protect the headlights from sandblasting and rocks, but all I could find are smoke tint. Not interested in diminishing headlight performance. I might be interested if they fully protect.
I would be interested! What is the least you would take. I probably cant do 50. How does it look with velcro keeping it on? Where are you, maybe we can hook up and I can check them out. I live in Keller, and work in Las Colinas. Thanks!
They don't protect the entire light and don't effect light output much at all.

I will not be able to make it to the meet on the 6th.

B-Ran, I live in Watuaga so we could meet up pretty easily. I would take $40 for them.
Nice! Wanna meet this weekend and I'll check em out? Give me a call
817 683 2551. Thanks!
Thanks for the answer Tex. Not what I'm looking for. I must say they look MUCH better on the titan than they do on the truck used on thier website.
Good Luck
Still wanna meet? Thanks
Still available for $45 shipped!
Anyone wanting to spend some more money on mods?

I need to pay of my TV, H E L P ! ! !
What other mods do you wanna sell? Im new to this Titan gig
$35 shipped, through Paypal
Let me know.
What color are they? black or grey??????????????/
They are a very dark smoke color, almost Black!
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