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For sale (Oem step rails, Eco-3 and mud flaps)

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For sale (Oem step rails, Eco-3 and mud flaps) Oem step rails for crew cab $200. Eco-3 Eco-3 Fuel Saver EcoTaz (Ben) from The Eco-3 is a $282.00 value. I will sell it for $200 shipped. Just received my titan back from Cali and Stillen did not use eco3 on reinstall of supercharger. I saw 1.5 to 2.0 increase with the eco-3 Depending on driving habits....
Oem mud flaps for sale 4 total... $40 for everthing..
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Clear your PM box and send me a PM...interested in the rails
acflye said:
do the mud flaps come with bolts.......
mud flaps you just use existing srews on truck. 2 in front.. 3 for back mud flaps ... very easy to put on...
Update: OEM STEP RAILS -SOLD!!! ECO-3 -SOLD!!! MUD FLAPS ARE STILL FOR SALE........................
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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