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Hey guys, as you all know... my truck is totaled... its gone on to Titan Heaven... the only things i have left are the Nismo grille that is missing one tab in the bottom center (it actually arrived at my house like that) and the Bed Cover which is a Truxport Roll up Cover with the mounting hardware for the utili track system. i got the cover over the summer, so basically its brand new... my inbox on here is full so getting in contact with me on here is like trying to contact the pope.. im going to leave my cellular device number for anyone who is interested.. i also have the stock grille for anyone who wants it

516-639-0775 if you text me just say hey its ___ from titantalk... i dont answer blocked numbers

The Nismo Grille- $100

Stock Grille- $50

Bed Cover- asking $300, make me a reasonable offer

all you have to do is pay the shipping... i dont know how im going to ship them because i need huge boxes but we'll figure it out!!

im going this weekend to the dealer to possibly pick up another Dodge Ram... theres no titans around here with decent mileage for a decent price but if one pops up, im def going to trade the Ram for it down the line... it just sucks because i paid the titan off and bought a house... i loved that truck.. ill pop in from time to time to say hello! but in the meantime follow me on instagram @rammpage (theres accident pics on there, it doesnt look bad but the frame is bent)
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