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For those with the Volant CAI...

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who deal with vibrations at WOT. Has anyone run the intake without the lid on it at all? I took mine off yesterday so I could measure the lid to make a plexiglass one, and drove the rest of the day without it. No vibration! I wonder if the filter itself is touching the lid on the inside? Anyway, is there any danger to running with an open box? Thanks.
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titanss said:

I did read that (great info. btw), and it's my next step in solving this issue.
When you remove the lid and run without, it is no longer a cold air intake.
I did notice that when I sat at lights my scangauge said that the intake temp was higher than normal (with the lid), but when I was driving it seemed to be the same. So CAIs that are of the boxless type, they "seal" against the top of our hood?
dank78 said:
So CAIs that are of the boxless type, they "seal" against the top of our hood?
yes, most that are not enclosed will have a weatherstrip around top of the panels that separate filter from engine bay...."sealing" against hood
You can buy some threaded inserts that are knurled on the outside (for wood applications sometimes). Mark a few spots, drill, tap inserts in. Get either some self sealing screws or a rubber washer to seal. This is easier that fabbing up a new lid.
I like the idea of the plexiglass, if it works let us know!!!
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