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Forced to drive F150 Titan was hit and in shop

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Some idiot hit my truck and drove off so I’m having to claim it on my insurance. Right around $1200 worth of damage. In the meantime I’m forced to drive an F150 for the next week or so and it sucks. The drive is actually a lot smoother than expected but the engine is a dog. Plus the drivers seat is a lot smaller and I’ve hit my knee on the dash every time I’ve gotten out. Its stock of course but so is my 04 Titan but the F150 seem to sit a lot lower. I’m really surprised on how much better I like my Titan.

BTW, I was shocked at how easy it was to file a claim with Progressive. I dropped my truck off at their “collision center” and my rental was waiting for me. About 10 years ago I had to file a claim with Farmers and it was a complete nightmare.
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I know how you feel, my truck has been in the body shop for 10 days now. I have been driving my wifes C230 Compressor which is a nice car but sooooo small compared to my Titan. I'm really tired of looking at everyones exhaust pipes and bumpers. I had a 2003 F150 Lariat before I got my Titan, it was a nice truck but does not compare to the Titan. Hang in there man, you'll be back in your truck soon.
Absence make the heart grow fonder. When you get her back give her a nice bath and wax job just to show her you still care. :kiss:
I like the power and take off more in the titan, but my 04 fx4 had a way better interior than my 08 titan. I cannot stand my ateri gauges and cheap (easy to scratch plastic). But its a good truck non the less
It sucks having to put your truck in the shop!!!! When I had to put mine in the shop to get fixed, gieco stuck me in a little freakin saturn!!! No matter how much I complained, they would not put me in anything bigger!!
originally they said i would only get a sedan unless i wanted to pay additional money, but then they had the F150 ready when i got there. Oh well, i should have my truck back on tuesday.

The funny part is that i miss my Sirius radio almost as much as my Titan. Going back to regular radio is horrible.
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