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Now that the board is officially supporting Sponsors/Vendors, it is time to put the advertising rules into effect.

1. Advertising from non supporting vendors is not allowed. Period. Do not post a link to your site, link to your business, contact information, pricing, etc. Do not attempt to pimp your wares on the forum.

The forum costs money to run, and until you contribute to the forums, you have no place in using it to promote your own business.

2. Discussion of products by a non supporting vendor is allowed. However, when the discussion turns into an advertisement and the vendor particpates, we will have a problem.

The line is thin, and we will use our judgement as to when that line is being crossed.

3. Group buys from supporting vendors are allowed. However, group buys from non supporting vendors are not permitted. Third party group buys from non supporting vendors will also not be permitted.

Further discussion about Group Buys can be found in this thread:

4. Business signatures are not allowed from non supporting vendors.

It is in your better interest to support your vendors, and in turn, they will be supporting you. This promotes a tight, well supported and funded community which will help promote innovation.

There will be more rules added, for now, I would appreciate it if non supporting vendors would please remove signature images, text, etc. promoting their business.
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Not open for further replies.
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