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Guidelines for Members

This site was made for people to come and discuss the Nissan Titan and other trucks...the good and the bad. We're all here to share information with other Titan enthusiasts.

Any post that has been deleted has been so based on the guidelines put forth to the moderators (mods) from the owner. Those guidelines are pretty simple and straight forward, especially once you read around on the board a bit and get the 'tone' that has been set.

1. Keep anything off the board that would get it shut down (read this is porn, illegal activities, etc).

2. Keep 'troll' activity off the board. This simply refers to the children that want to come over and post stuff to create havoc. These type of postings only serve one purpose - Disruption of the board and its members through childish means, misinformation, verbal challenges and vulgar language. Seeing this type of activity will automatically result in a ban from the board.

3. Keep personal attacks to a minimum. This means once, you'll get a warning...again and your gone. There is a difference between debate and the full onslaught of a member. Yes, it is a judgement call by the mods, but I assure everyone that the posts concerned are reviewed by all of us and we all must agree on the disposition of the posts (If time allows - If not it will be locked or closed until such time). A good heated debate has no issues, its only when things get very specific between a few members that someone or all will get a warning or a posting in the thread asking them to tone it down a bit. If they refuse to adhere to the warning they may be banned.

4. We now have rules regarding advertisements for vendors and that is described in the rules forum. Anyone who is seeking to advertise on this site must contact the board owner username: ekool. Advertising in your signature file is not allowed either. It will be removed.

5. Soliciting members for money or any other kind of fundraising is not allowed for any reason unless approved by the site owner.

6. Any sales or purchases made on this forum are between the buyer and seller and Titan Talk assumes no responsibility in the transaction.

7. Using another person's writings, artwork, or pictures and presenting them as your own is in violation of copyright laws. Any violations of this type will be removed and the person who posted them will be warned.

8. Posts that do not contribute to a discussion or those that are purposefully posted to draw a thread off topic will not be allowed. Using smiley faces, symbols, one or two word comments, and irrelevant comments to boost one's post count or bump up a thread will not be tolerated.

9. Do not post "free" anything type ponzai/pyradmid scheme links.
In addition to the previously mentioned rules, please read the following for more specific guidelines:

Signature Image Rules - Information regarding what you can and can not put in your signature block.
Forum Advertising Rules - Rules regarding non-vendor advertisements, business signatures, and group buys.
Group Buys Info - More detailed information about starting a group buy.
Service Manuals - Information on why offering free service manuals is not allowed.​

With the above in mind the overall goals of the board are being met and I think you can see the result as it relates to the overall tone of the board. There have been numerous comments and PM's sent directly to the mods by many of our members that enforce how great of a place this is to come and discuss all things Titan or anything else on their minds in the Off-Topic area.

I am sure I am missing something in the above, and I will edit this posting as required.

One thing I do ask everyone to keep in mind. Moderators are Members also. They are not paid to do this. They are solicited volunteers. They are chosen based on their contributions to the board and evaluations of their postings with regards to their 'in-line' with the 'tone' that has been set by the owner of the board. We currently have a total of 5 mods on the board.

Any perceived violation of the above normally results in deletion of the post or editing of the posters comment and a followup PM explaining why. In some cases, as to not let the situation get out of hand, you may not receive a warning! The mods will not allow this board to be thrown into chaos under any circumstance.

We welcome anyone and everyone to grab a drink, sit down and enjoy the forum with this in mind.....WELCOME ABOARD!!!!

Any problem with a mod may be addressed through PM to another mod or "Administrator". This is the way to handle any issues. Posting in the public forum is not the place to question any mods performance/reasoning etc. Do this in Private if you feel you must but the mods here have been here a while and have the full support of the board owner.

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It has become obvious that politics are too flamable a topic for the various members of this forum to discuss without requiring moderation. Allowing discussions to continue the way they have in the past has lead to nothing more than everyone insulting each other for absolutely no reason.

Politics comes down to a person's PERSONAL OPINION. No one has the right to tell another person that their opinion is wrong just because they don't like it. That is why it is an opinion.

From the Wikipedia, an opinion is a person's ideas and thoughts towards something. It is an assessment, judgment or evaluation of something. An opinion is not a fact, because opinions are either not falsifiable, or the opinion has not been proven or verified. If it later becomes proven or verified, it is no longer an opinion, but a fact. Accordingly, all information on the web, from a surfer's perspective, is better described as opinion rather than fact.

Posts regarding a person's political opinion will be allowed if and only if no one resorts to personal attacks. It is okay to complain about the current administration (hell I do that every day), that is a truly an American ideal, or the various candidates, but keep the personal attacks out of it. If you don't like someone's opinion, respect them for it but keep the discussion civil.

From now on, posts that use insults of any sort regarding a poster's opinion, will be looked upon as an insult to the poster him/herself. This interpretation of "insult" can include persons' beliefs, state of residence, party affiliation, etc. You all should be bright enough to know what we mean. Insults have no place in a resonable discussion and will be viewed as a violation of site rules.

Besides, there is no reason for such a heated political thread on a Titan Truck forum. We are here to discuss the many merits of our favorite truck not who can run or ruin the country better.
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