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found an add in local paper for tires I need

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add reads TIRES (4) Wrangler Goodyear, LT265/70R18, off 2011 Chevy 3/4 Ton, like new, $500, I called him and he said they have less than 1000 miles on them, wondering what I should offer him? I know we don't know exact tread depth but what would you say?
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If they have less than a thousand miles and they're the tires you want, I'd give him his $500. Its just $125 per tire.
I would offer $350 cash and settle at $400 if they are as advertised.
well the guy would't budge from the original 500$ ;-( but I did end up buying them anyways, as this is still a good deal for these tires, I don't know if there is a difference between the goodyear wrangler LT and the goodyear wrangler SR-A but that is what they actlually are, SR-A with and E raiting, and I put a tread depth reader on them today and all 4 read 12 ;-) so I guess he wasn't lieing when he said less than 1000 miles, someone today told me that that is what most read out of the factory is that correct? called my tire guy and am going to have them put on monday for 50$ cash LOL so I can get the Blizzaks off, they are reading 10 now
I think wal-mart mounts for 2.50 a wheel? and another 2.50 for balancing
I just relized last night that these tires that are brand new that someone was selling in the local paper are the SAME EXACT tire that is on the spare ;-) HOW COOL IS THAT ;-)
I found a set for $200 from a tire shop that someone drove in a new Dodge Ram and wanted 24" wheels put on. The tire shop also mounted and balanced for free.
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