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I like many others have been talking about putting on bilsteins...heads up i found a pair of 5100 adj height on amazon at everything aftermarket for $92.51 w/ free shipping. so 185.02 (pair) to my front door. (if you don't mind signing up for a amazon card, take another 70 bucks off your order so its $115.02). the company's shipping and packaging sucks so be prepared to work through that if one (or both) arrive missing the large required concave washer at the top. i contacted Brian at EA. He had bilstein ship a hardware kit...snail mail. when i informed him i wanted to do the job this weekend or early next week, he shipped me a whole new bilstein arriving two business days later to cover the error. i feel he more than remedied the discrepancy even if i wasn't able to get to work on the install this weekend. And to boot, if its ever needed, i'll have a spare. i don't work for Everything Aftermarket or any other parts company, i just wanted to pass along to those in the market for a good deal on these.

hope i didn't get anyone butt hurt mentioning a vendor not on our supporting vendors list....


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