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Found out today that I really need tires. Please help me decide.

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I really want a set of Bridgestone Dueler Revo ATs, but since I only buy my tires at costco and since they stopped selling them, my only comparable choice are the BFG, or Michleans*, I refuse to put the rugged trails back on. So I'm looking at the BFG KOs.

How do these compare to the Revos? My truck like today rides in snow, and loose gravel, and on road. We takes longs trips in the summer as well.

The reason why I only buy from costco is because they give a bunch of services with their tires and always seem happy to preform a free service, plus we get 3% cash back.

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Have them order in what you want; or order them online from TireRack or someplace and have them mount them. Most of if not all of the additional services should still be available with the labor.
I spoke with a guy that works in a Costco Tire shop who said he buys his tires from Discount Tire because of the warranties. He said he didn't get enough of a Discount at costco to justify buying from there. :dunno:

But to your question. The BFG's are great tires and will do really well for you on your trips, For moderate snow they will do pretty well too.
Well the special that costco has going now, the KOs come out to about 190 a tire.
stock size.

285 70 17s

Do the Revos even come in that size?
BFG AT KO's and Michellin LTX MS are both 8 ply tires. The BFG's are a bit more aggressive off-road but both similar in weight.

I have the BFG's.

Keep in mind there will be a loss of mpg if you go to those tires...

I was thinking of getting the updated Rugged Trails (gasp) as a normal driving tire or try the Revo's myself...
$190.00 is a good price Jeostang. The guys at discount should match that. They've matched for me. eh, what ever works best for you though bro. I tend to steer people to what has worked well for me in the past I haven't found anyone that can touch the services and waranties from Discount. I'm sure costcos are good but there isn't another tire retailer that will give you a Free tire if you purchase their warranties and you have a flat that cant be fixed.
I have the OR package with the 17s, and had a hard time finding something other than the ATKO that I had on the truck, and didn't like. Like you I get my tires at Costco, so when the Michelin LTX AT2 came I out I got a set of those. I LOVE THEM!!!

They are quiet on the highway(unlike the ATKO), the are every bit as good in clay/mud, and 1000% better on ice, no difference in snow. They are Load range D, and a real truck tire. They trailer better, handle better, and ride better, I couldn't imagine getting any other tire for my Titan.

And just so you know this is my first set of Michelins, I have had Bridgestones on all my vehicles. So I am not some sort of cheer leader, I am just really impressed with this new tire.:thumbsup:
yea, the AT Revos are in that size and in stock. Awsome tires
I bought the Revos AT couldn't be happier I got close to 15,000 miles on them, and I just drove through snow a couple of nights ago, and they held up just fine. I highly recommend the Revos I paid $175 a piece plus tax.
I wanted the Revos, but the deals at costco are hard to beat. So I went with the new Michelin LTX A/T 2s. Did tons of research and there are tons of good reviews since they have been out. My tires won't be in till next week, so I'll report back once I have driven on then for a while.
I am also looking for some good tires. I want the 20'' rims but nice thread but don't make noise when driving. Anyone know a site or tire please let me know.

Woman on board:flame:
Tire Rack is the best site that I know of, for tire info. Tons of reviews too.
Nothing wrong with Michelins at all. I think they are one of the very best Road Tires available. I think you'll LOVE them!!!
I have the OR package and the stock BFGs didnt even last 30K. Once I saw that Michelin Came out with the LTX AT2 in LT285/70R17 I ordered a set (of 5) from discount tire. Yeah I paid the price to have them, but I have the older LTX AT tires on my Yukon and they have over 70K on them!! They might not look as agressive as some of the other all terrain tires, but they can hang with the best of then!! I drive in either snow and ice every day and I think these tires perform better than the Rugged Trails did!!
my 2 cents, REVO'S all the way:thumbsup:
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