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Changed some fluids before a 3k mile summer trip, included the rear diff. for piece of mind, and it's easy. Truck is a 2015 SL 4x4 that had only 4,318 miles on it when I changed the fluid. I know that's crazy early, but I change the factory fluids on most of my cars.
When the truck was delivered to me from Tenn. it went 700 miles to get to me. when I changed the engine oil it looked nasty. So..... I checked the rear diff., among other things.
Diff. fluid looked good but found this bit of metal in the drainage.
Everything else (called mung?) on the blue shop towel was stuck to the magnetic plug.
No problems on the trip, covered 13 states, mountains, flats, etc.... truck worked great.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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